Poor audio, video and teleconference technology could set back production and even cause safety risks in an industrial facility. We’ve helped commercial and industrial companies see their teams properly connected by providing the right audio/video system.

Meet Mike Mattingly, Group Leader of Associate Development at Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc.

Subaru of Indiana Automotive Inc., SIA, is an automotive assembly plant located in Lafayette, Indiana. Setting up quality audio and video systems can be a challenge in industrial settings, but we were able to meet SIA’s audio/video needs. Like many large plants, SIA faces the challenge of housing both an industrial warehouse and commercial office space in the same buildings. This often causes problems in the office spaces.

“Due to a high amount of vibrations in our building as a result of large equipment, we had uncontrolled vibrating screens and projectors in our conference rooms. We were also having an inconsistent mix of audio/video equipment, and no one could seem to help us diagnose the problem.”

Mike and the team at SiA had problems finding an audio/video provider that worked in both commercial and industrial spaces. Eventually, SIA came to us with their problem. In addition to the challenges of working in a hybrid commercial and industrial space, the folks at SIA were worried about being able to keep the conference rooms operational while the new systems were installed. Despite all of the limitations of the project. we were able to find solutions that didn’t hinder productivity and resulted in a brand new system that met the client’s expectations. “Our new systems have allowed us to host collaborative meetings and also send and receive meeting notes without having to use high amounts of paper. Several of our rooms with audio visual systems from ProAudio have become the favored conference rooms to use.”

“We would definitely recommend ProAudio to others. Everyone we have worked with at ProAudio has been professional, courteous and very timely. They’re local, easy to work with, and they understand even the most extreme challenges all at a competitive price.”